10-Week Wellness Challenge

Through a team-centric approach, this challenge connects coworkers, friends and families. The Live Healthy America 10-Week Wellness Challenge is a fun and engaging way to make positive changes in the lives of each and every individual. Best of all, Live Healthy America makes customization and implementation easy--You’ll get the wellness program you want along with the convenience and simplicity you desire!  Join us as we embrace the journey and make positive and lasting changes in our health!

January 23 - March 31, 2017

Cost: $24.00 per person with FREE shipping!

Ready to sign up? Download the administrator form to get started. After you submit the form, you will be contacted by a representative of Live Healthy America to answer any questions and explain the next step in setting up your company or group program.

Participants have the ability to form teams of 2-10 adults, which is a great way to motivate and support one another in achieving fitness and weight loss goals. Each team will need to choose one person as their team captain. (It is suggested that this person have regular computer and internet access.) Teams will participate in the Minutes of Activity Division and the Weight Loss Division of the challenge. Through this website, team captains will register their team, then the team members will report their progress weekly. This site also provides a daily journal and message center to help keep team members connected, involved and motivated to make positive changes to their health, which in turn, will help everyone reach their fitness and weight loss goals!

All Live Healthy America participants will be provided with the following:

  • Live Healthy America training t-shirt
  • The chance to win team prizes throughout the challenge
  • Weekly activity, nutrition and recipe tips via e-mail
  • A personal online tracking page
  • Team leaderboard
  • Food Log, Workout Videos and more!
  • Upon registering for LHA and logging onto your personal dashboard, a one-year subscription to one of the lifestyle magazines listed below:
    • Better Homes & Gardens
    • Diabetic Living
    • Eating Well
    • Every Day with Rachael Ray
    • Family Circle
    • Family Fun
    • Shape
    • Siempre Mujer
    • Men's Journal
    • Men's Health
    • Runner's World

Teams will be in the Minutes of Physical Activity Division and Weight Loss Division. In both categories, individuals will track and record minutes of activity and weight loss which is then used to calculate your team's percentage weight loss and total activity minutes. Friendly competition among teams is highly encouraged!

For the Minutes of Physical Activity Division, each team member reports the number of minutes they are physically active each day. Activity minutes that count include anything you deem to be intentional physical activity. For example, walking to the elevator does not count but intentionally taking the stairs instead of the elevator does count. The goal is to make small changes in your activity each day that will add up to big results!

For the Weight Loss Division, teams are assessed based on the combined weight of all members. Individuals can report their weight online or have their captain submit it for them. Team totals are viewed as percentage lost or gained. Individual weights are only viewable by the individual, not the entire team. 

There are two ways to register teams for Live Healthy America's 10 Week Wellness Challenge:

1. Multiple teams from a worksite or organization

Live Healthy America is a wellness program that can be administered to worksites or organizations that may have offices spread accross the country. These worksites or organizations may wish to register multiple teams within their organization. In this case, Live Healthy America will assign the entity (worksite, church, etc.) its own group ID. Team captains will use the group ID to link their individual team to its entity. These entities will have their own page on the website where they can view the ranking of each team registered under their group ID.

For more information about registering multiple teams or to receive a group ID, click here.

2. Individual teams of friends or family members

Groups of people who do not wish to link their team to a larger entity (worksite, church, etc.) can form their own Friends & Family team. This program is perfect for a group of friends, husband-wife teams and even co-workers if their worksite is not registered in the Company & Organization program.

To learn more about Friends & Family and to register a Friends & Family team, click here.

If you are already a captain of one team and wish to register another team and act as its team captain, please login at the top of this page and then register the team. However, you may only record your activity and weight under one of the teams. 

Registration opens January 2nd, 2017 so begin gathering your team members now! Together you can make healthy lifestyle changes!


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